Calendar Customs

The Year in Particular

Some events are held on the same date every year. Others are 'moveable feasts'. Where dates for the latter are given in this calendar, they are based on the most recent year we have information for and the year will be noted. If you intend to visit one of these events, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with contacts or organisers to confirm dates, and that the event is taking place. Where an external web site gives information on an event, you can travel to it by way of our links page.

We should love to hear from you and to have your descriptions of these customs and their reasons for being and continuing, whether you are involved, or have experienced them as a visitor.

If you know of a good web-site to which we should link, or other good books and sources, please LET US KNOW.

or by PLACE

May Day, Apple Day, Tree Dressing Day, Wassailing - find out about events near you .

Read about some FESTIVALS

This calendar of customs owes much to the work of Charles Kightly, Christina Hole, Homer Sykes and Hedingham Fair.

Common Ground can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given in this calendar. Events may be altered or cancelled without our knowledge - Always check first with organisers before travelling.

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