Food, Locality and Identity
Promoting the Goods
Locally Distinctive Souvenirs
Festivals, Food, Culture and Place
Water Markets and River Festivals
Building Materials and Landscape Products
Growing Things

How do we sort out the goods from the bads?

How can our own actions in growing, working, making, building, selling, using, buying, visiting and enjoying make our everyday surroundings better for us and for nature?

Common Ground’s current project, Producing the Goods, champions production and consumption that reflects and sustains locality, nature and culture.

We want to exchange ideas and information on how we can all positively use locality to source, sell and sustain. We shall explore and promote the potential of locally distinctive products that, in adding to the uniqueness of the place, help in the long term viability of our relations with nature and each other.

We can choose not to buy things that are damaging to the environment and to people, we can cut down on things we don’t really need.

Common Ground’s work and this corner of our website will evolve with your help. We welcome your examples of close relationships between culture and nature, few links in the chains between producer and user, short journeys between winning, producing and using, simple creative connections between artefact and place.

We shall be exploring several avenues of interest over the next few years; not all are beginning now.

Food was, for us, an obvious starting point. If we buy foods grown close at hand we are supporting local enterprises, and reducing food miles – as well as getting fresher and probably tastier foods. If we buy food that is in season, we avoid unnecessary processing, storage and packaging and we gain more goodness.

1. Food, Locality and Identity
2. Markets and Market Places
3. Locally distinctive souvenirs
4. Festivals, Food, Culture and Place

5. Water Markets and River Festivals
6. Building Materials and Landscape Products
7. Growing things

Find more about Orchards and Orchard Produce on The Gazetteer - hover over a county for links to local producers!

Producing the Goods 1 (food): a 16 page illustrated pamphlet full of argument and example.

Producing the Goods 2 (markets and market places): a 24 page illustrated pamphlet.

Producing the Goods 3 (locally distinctive souvenirs): a 24 page illustrated pamphlet.

Individual A5 printed copies are available for £1.50 plus postage from our MARKET PLACE (discounts are available for orders of 50 or more; contact info [at] commonground . org . uk, for details & prices, +44(0)1747 850820).

We want to build a catalogue of examples, produce and events that excite, encourage, exemplify and enable sustainable consumption and production demonstrating authenticity of place and positive reinforcement of local distinctiveness. This is not intended to be encyclopaedic, but wide ranging and inspirational.

We are relying on you to help us, please send any information to broaden the examples we have begun here from city, town, suburb, village and country.

Please e-mail / send us examples to add to our case books:
e-mail: info [at]
or write to: Common Ground, Gold Hill House, 21 High Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8JE

Look at our LINKS PAGE for further reading and web-sites to visit.

Supported by:

Defra EAF,
the John Ellerman Foundation,
the Tedworth Charitable Trust,
the Headley Trust,
the Garfield Weston Foundation
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